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One of the most profound things you may do to someone else is teaching them something. Anything.

It was a great pleasure teaching my younger daughter how to ride a bike. It was also a very rewarding experience teaching my other daughter how to drive. I would say it is profoundly satisfying to help someone construct knowledge or find new meanings that are applicable to life situations. It is noble to teach.

Agricultural metaphor.jpeg

While it is great to teach, it is also worthwhile to learn how to teach. In my case, I have had satisfying teaching education through the Preparing Future Faculty program offered at Claremont Graduate University. I have had an opportunity to equip myself as a resourceful and informed teacher. In attending this program while I worked on my PhD, I was able to formulate my Teaching Philosophy. In it, I articulate my understanding of teaching and how I believe the process of knowledge construction should work. My Diversity Statement shows my viewpoints on diversity in our colleges. I have discussed my view of the evolution of teaching in response to the current times in the Integrative essay. As a technology teacher-scholar, I have shown a sample Sample syllabus on how I would conduct a database development class.