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I do not like computers. I really don’t. I just like what they do and what they can do. I live to explore technology and what it is capable of doing not only to support business but our very lives. My liking for what computers can do, instead of a love for computers, has led me to develop deep interests in telling computers what to do. And since computers run on software, I found myself becoming a software developer.My journey as a software developer has been guided by my interpretation of what information systems is – a science that guides acquisition, storage, retrieval, and use of information. Computers can fall well on that food chain as they guide how we get information in whatever format it is, store it in database systems, retrieve and display it, and guide the use of it to promote life and business.

I started off in telecommunications in Kenya in the early 90’s working on public switched telephone network (PSTN) maintaining switches. At the turn of the century I took up a job as a cellular network switching engineer where I was, and still is, fascinated by how cell phone networks carry voice and data.

Coming to college in America I did my undergraduate in Computer Information Systems and a masters degree in Management Information Systems. That led me to a pursuit of a PhD in Information Systems and Technology at Claremont Graduate University. While working on these degrees I have held software development jobs with emphasis on database development.